Jui Residences Review

Jui Residences is an ongoing freehold development project located along Serangoon Road. This project is being carried out by Selangor Dredging developers (SDB). The land was bought at $47 million from Tiara Land which is a unit of Champsworth Development and an additional $22.6 million was needed to change the zoning of the land from industrial to residential. Based on estimation, this plot of land can fit about 117 freehold units which is near the Kallang River.

SDB has an intriguing and diverse history. Founded in the 1960’s, it began as a tin mining company out of Malaysia. After two successful decades in the industry, the company began to diversify. This is when SDB’s involvement with property development began.

There are many different opinions regarding the pros and cons of owning a freehold property. In most of the cases, possessing one can be very profitable from an investment standpoint. Jui Residences is essentially a condominium ideally situated a few minutes from the main shopping district, Orchard together with the central business district. Even though the rates of these condos can be somewhat expensive when matched to 99 years of tenancy, they tend to run down over the long haul since the financing alternatives for their acquisitions usually turn out to be fewer as the lease depreciates. Leasehold assets become more ostensible when they approach the 20 years old. Basically, from the Jui Residences site plan, it embodies one of the most sought properties found at the fringe area of the city because it is only minutes away from most of the eateries and amenities at Geylang market.

This amazing residence is decked with high-end specifications and modern features for a comfortable living. The eco-friendly units are designed with two types of facing. Kallang River facing and Moonstone Lane facing.

The location of the Jui Residences is truly an ideal spot, rich with history, culture, and beauty. Serangoon Road is one of the oldest roads in all of Singapore, and leads across the island, connecting the town to the Serangoon harbor. It passes through that area now dubbed as “Little India,” a community that began developing in the early 1800s. The area is a religious, cultural and commercial hub for local and foreign Indians alike and is still very active and lively on the weekends and during festivals such as Deepavali and Thaipusam. Due to its age, Serangoon Road also provides a great drive past old architecture. Buildings spanning from the 1840s to the 1960s line the road with highly decorative facades and unique and traditional plasterwork. The road’s history can be read in the buildings that line it. If you truly enjoy experiencing learning part of history and culture of Singapore, this is an area where you will be able to enjoy a rich history and culture both as expressed in the architecture as well as shops and activities of the area.

The Toa Payoh Golf Range is a few minutes’ drive from Jui Residences. It is one of the pioneer no fills golf range in Singapore where residents can travel over to play golf. There are 2 levels of hitting bays and a range that stretches 220 yards, which is long enough to track the distance. This is the one of the best place to learn how to play golf.


Jui Residences Review